Desk Flags


Areas of Usage and Features

Desk Flags are used as Turkish Flags, Company Flags, Country Flags Generally on Desks in Many Companies, Schools, High Offices in our Country, which are manufactured by many Flag Manufacturers, but we, at Gönder Bayrak, Deliver Professional Production for all Desks Flags and other Flag Products as we are a leading company in the production and sales of Flags, Pennants, Beach Flags, Flags with Rod, Digital Printing, Turkish Flags and Gas Station Flags and all other types of Flags.

Desks Flags are used with metal poles on a desk in indoor locations. They are Manufactured on Double Side from a Satin Fabric of 15 x 22.5 cm in size as a Standard. As the printing system, Silk Screening, Printing and Digital Printing are used.

They represent the symbols of the countries and companies with all glory and brilliance on office desks of public offices and departments, meeting rooms, Offices, International Meeting Halls, Fairs, Holdings, Associations, Political Parties, Press and Publication Corporations, private sector work desks, the offices of the Turkish Armed Forces and all other office desks and tables. We are aware of the importance of desk flags that are small yet very important and, manufacture them at first class quality in such designs you dream about.

Desk Flag Poles Types

Single Desk Flag Pole

Double Desk Flag Pole

Triple Desk Flag Pole

Quartet Desk Flag Pole

Type L Desk Flag Pole

Type T Desk Flag Pole

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