Swallow Pennant Flags


Areas of Usage and Features

Here is the crucial point! Pennant, an incredible product, is the most appealing product out of all types of flags. This product also known as a pennant flag is mostly preferred by our customers due to its very special and durable fabric. Pennants that are preferred for Festivals, Fairs, Dealer Meetings, within a Company, during seminaries, promotions, organizations, outdoors and indoors, hotels, saloon organizations, are used in an appealing manner without occupying a large place.

Pennant, a product that is mostly used out of all flag products, makes difference with a variety of options available. They are preferred by our customers in the form of swallow pennants, pointed pennants, triangle-shaped or pentagon-shaped pennants and so on. We at Gönder Bayrak carefully make all printing on pennants and offer them to our customers just like we do for all of our products.

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