Office Flags


Areas of Usage and Features

Office flag of 100x150cm with Acetate and Line.

Chromium Office Flag Pole of 230cm (with a cast base).

Brass Office Flag Pole of 230cm (with a cast base).

Chromium Barrier Pole of 75cm (with a cast base).

Brass Barrier Pole of 75cm (with a cast base).

Barrier cord with velvet braid of 125 cm.

Desk Flags and Front Barriers and Cords are of flags placed behind the office rooms made of satin, double layer, with fringes on the edges (yellow tinsel, fringes) representing the respective office. It must be manufactured in the standard size of 100*150 cm. Office flags are manufactured as Turkish Flags and private corporate flags. They are most frequently used in public offices as Presidential Seal, Regimental Command Seal, Municipality Seal etc. In addition to the office flags, there are 2 types of flag poles: brass and chromium. You may purchase flag poles together with the office flags.

Height of the poles where we display the flags is getting higher day by day. In addition, we provide after-sales services for the flag poles we have manufactured and sold. Height of the flag poles we manufacture has reached 80 m in recent period. Our company are very sensitive the safety of flag poles in particular, the ones that are 20 m and higher. We continuously renew our machinery according to the respective technological advancements, outsource some aspects of engineering services in addition to our own engineers, consider all technical specifications and dynamics calculations in order to direct the production accordingly. Our aim is not only sales but also provide reliable, safe and quality products.

Office flags mostly used in schools, universities, armed forces offices and public offices are used in office rooms, hence the name. However, nowadays, office flags are also used in the public sectors. Office flags that have become a product preferred by offices are also known as office banners displaying the symbols of both countries and companies in a very quality manner due to its attracting appearance. You may check all the types and sizes of the office flags through our web site.

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