Mast Flags


Areas of Usage and Features

Company mast flags; private sector mast flags; gas station type mast flags; municipality flags; mast flags in front of Governmental Agencies and Public Offices; Flags for Unions, Schools, Associations; flags used by political parties during elections; corporate flags of Police Headquarters; flags for holdings, healthcare centers; signals flags for vessels; mast flags sued in gas stations.

They are made on double and single sides using raschel, alpaca and satin as fabrics.

Standard Mast Sizes and Standard Flag Sizes to Raise According to the Mast Sizes:

70x105 cm for Masts between 4-5 Meters in Height

100x150 cm for Masts between 5-7 Meters in Height

150x225 cm for Masts between 7-10 Meters in Height

200x300 cm for Masts between 10-12 Meters in Height

300x450 cm for Masts between 12-15 Meters in Height

400x600 cm for Masts between 15-17 Meters in Height

500x750 cm for Masts between 17-20 Meters in Height

600x900 cm for Masts between 20-25 Meters in Height

800x1200 cm for Masts between 25-30 Meters in Height

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